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Welcome to Grindcast! The official pop-culture podcast of the people!

Jan 9, 2023

Welcome to a brand-new episode of Grindcast! Join, Will, Jason, and Matt as they talk about a bunch of random things, answer Brian's Question Corner, and judge cereals to create the ultimate cereal tier list.

Dec 26, 2022

Happy Holidays from the gang at Grindcast! Join Will, Jason and Matt as they have a ton of laughs in the magical studio and celebrate Christmas with the 8th ANNUAL BAD GAME GIFT EXCHANGE!

Dec 19, 2022

Welcome to a festive episode of Grindcast! The gang is getting holly and jolly this week as we shoot the breeze, discuss a theory about HOME ALONE, and review the holiday flick: FATMAN

Dec 5, 2022

Welcome to a brand new release from Grindcast Random House. This time around, our esteemed audio book series is proud to present to you part 1 of: Sonic High School. Like the last time, this episode of the podcast is very NSFW.

Nov 14, 2022

Welcome to a new episode of Grindcast! On this episode, Matt and Will shoot the breeze in the magic studio before discussing Shutter's 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments Of All Time, and yes, we review all 101 moments..