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Welcome to Grindcast! The official pop-culture podcast of the people!

Dec 25, 2023

Happy Holidays to all our listeners!! Join Will, Jason, and Matt as they open bad video games they got eachother for Christmas!

Oct 30, 2023

Welcome to the final episode of Spooktober Cinema! Join, Will and Matt as they sample candy from Russia and review the Disney Channel Original: HALLOWEENTOWN!! Stick around for an announcment at the end of the episode and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Oct 23, 2023

Join the gang as they cram into the spooky magical studio to shoot the breeze for a bit before reviewing another listener requested movie: BUTCHER, BAKER, NIGHTMARE MAKER!

Oct 16, 2023

On this spooky episode of Grindcast, Will shares his trip to an amusment park which springs a discussion about amusment parks. We then go to the Spooktober Cinema to review a listener requested movie: GRAVE ENCOUNTERS!

Oct 9, 2023

On this spooky new episode of Grindcast, Will, Jason, and Matt talk about the Universal Movie monsters, Halloween cereals, and more! We then go to the Spooktober Cinema to review the first listener request movie: DEATH BED: THE BED THAT EATS.